Streetscapes & Facade

Committee Members:

Chair: Steph Olsson
Bonnie Holland
Jack Eberhard
Barb Rose
Jennifer Towles
Faye Carr
Barbara Hardy
Jeremie Moore
Susan Burack
Mike Lahti

Task Force Strategies:

  • Address “Great Wall of banners”
  • Create more green downtown
  • Improve Way Finding and Welcoming Signage with MDOT
  • Define the Look and feel/ brand of overall vision
  • Identify key project as a start
  • Explore opportunities to enforce/intervene with specific storefronts
  • Educate business owners on grants opportunities, business resources, creative upgrades and marketing
  • Create more walkable spaces
  • Visually tie all of downtown together from bridge to Jutila Center

Upcoming Meetings:

Committee Updates: