Downtown Residential Development & Parking

Committee Members:

Chair: Rick Freeman
Mark Johnson
John Haeussler

Task Force Strategies:

  • Downtown skating rink with lights at the middle school
  • Create a mix of income and class levels
  • Locate public/government funds for property improvements
  • Engage students through events and activities
  • Artist outreach — “Live here, work here” (Jutila Center, storefronts)
  • Engage and work with Finlandia to address housing for the growing student population
  • Help Finlandia promote the school — more students, more renters
  • Promote great schools, access to health care, access to trails
  • Include neighborhoods as “downtown”
  • Eliminate meters with adequate parking control plan
  • Promote easy FREE parking
  • Improve signage (create sign program)
  • Clearly mark parking spaces

Upcoming Meetings:

Committee Updates: